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Professor Linda Keane : Architecture and Environmental Design at SAIC

Professor Linda Keane is the founder of architecture at the School of the Art Institute, she is co-founder of STUDIO 1032, she contributes to sustainable initiatives along the Milwaukee- Chicago corridor.

STUDIO 1032 combines architectural practice with animation and academic publishing for awareness of the complexities and importance of the design of the environment. Keane’s socially constructed landscapes are rooted in nature, with artistic, environmental, educational, and entertaining intentions. Keane's approach to every project is from a fresh perspective visualizing new and critical relationships between built and natural worlds. Committed and passionate about working in post industrial cities, Keane's research presents opportunities for new cultural landscapes.

She writes, lectures, and publishes on the necessity of nurturing K-12 creativity including "ARCHITECTURE an INTERACTIVE INTRODUCTION, The Aesthetics of Sustainability, Eco literacy: Greening Public Imagination, Designing Design Education, The Culture of Design Education, STEAM by Design and Design THIS Place Built Environment Education". She is a dynamic keynote speaker, online teacher, and American Institute of Architects Webinar Presenter on 21st Century Learning Environments.

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